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No Father Left Behind Inc. mission is to celebrate positive fathers in our community while also restoring broken relationships between incarcerated fathers and their children. Through our events and programs, we will encourage, uplift, and celebrate great fathers while motivating and cultivating other men to become great fathers. Fathers deserve recognition and support from those around them and our focus is to become their village.

Restoring Broken Homes


Shaquille Armstrong
Shaquille O. Armstrong
As a son, grandson, brother, uncle, nephew, and activist, Shaquille’s passion for family, community, and advocating began when he took his first breathe. Shaquille was born and raised in the great “City of Champions”, East St. Louis, IL. Shaquille is the sixth child of ten children and often refers to himself as the “middle child” of the brunch because he took on everybody responsibilities, the main person of contact for his siblings, and he knew everyone business. 

Shaquille is a graduate of McKendree University Class of 2018 and a current MPA candidate at Lindenwood University, focusing on non-profit management with research in restorative justice, re-entry programs, family dynamics, and youth. As a transformational and servant leader, he has a passion for restoring gaps while implementing and creating programs to enhance the lives of others. 

Shaquille has won several awards such as the Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award, The Newman Civic Fellow, Leadership Spark Award, Active Collegiate Engaged in Service Award, Maire Simms Volunteer of the Year, as well as nominations and recognitions from prestigious organizations.




What We Do

Family Reunification

Through our family reunification program we restore broken relationships between incarcerated fathers and their children. Using the “JuneBug Approach” we will grow through seven stages to help place fathers back into their children lives, hoping to decrease the absent father concept. fathers, scholarships for incoming freshman and current college students with absent fathers, fatherhood mentoring classes, service projects, and mentoring our youth and young fathers.

Positive Community Dads

We host programs and events to celebrate positive fathers in the community while recognizing the concept of fatherhood. Do you know someone who is a positive father, would you like to see them recognized? Have an idea or would like to share a thought on how to celebrate positive fathers in our community, click on the get involved link below.



Through this service we will provide scholarships to high school graduates and current college students to help lessen the burden of financial obligations or hardships. We are looking to award deserving students every summer with a scholarship, students must meet certain requirements to become eligible. If you would like to nominate a student please click on the link below.


Restoring Someone Else’s Family is Something that's value is Innumerable

What They're Saying

Growing Up Fatherless was a great event and Mr. Armstrong did an excellent job with putting everything together. The venue was great and the conversations were great. Great job, Mr. Armstrong.

Mrs. G. Simmions

“This is the first time in all of my life that I finally opened up about the trauma and the hurt that I had built in me caused from my father not being present. I am 76 years old and I finally feel that I am healed or at least can start the healing process. My next step is to try to build a relationship with my children and grandchildren.”


“Awesome conversations and powerful discussions. We need more events like growing up fatherless. I was able to connect with other people like me that could relate to what I been through.”


“The speaker was so great. I met him as my high coach, but I never knew how great of a father he was and everything that he went through to become a great father. This event made me see fatherhood in a different light and I am so grateful for Shaq for putting this event together.”

L. Jones

“I was surprised when I got the inbox from Shaq stating that I was nominated to receive an award for the Young Fathers Brunch, it meant a lot seeing that people do give credit to real fathers and give the credit we deserve.”

Mr. Howard

“Young Fathers Brunch was an awesome event to be recognized as a great father is a tremendous blessing and I was honored to accept this award somehow great fathers go unnoticed especially black fathers but I want to let the world know there is great black fathers out there again thanks Shaq and keep doing great for the community.”

Mr. Brooks

“In spite of the challenges, setbacks, disappointments, limitations and other things, I am so proud to say that Shaq went forth with this most appropriate, appreciated, and necessary event, Young Fathers Brunch.”

Ms. Hatter

“I don’t think it’s a better award to win than a award that says #1 Young Father 2020 on it. We need way more of this and when some choose to be absent we need to pick up the slot for the next child to have a father figure in their life. Thanks Shaq for recognizing us fathers”

Mr. Coulture

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